Beefsteak Fungus - Fistulina hepatica. Wild Edible Mushroom that tastes like Steak.


Beefsteak Fungus - Fistulina hepatica is a edible polypore mushroom that grows on trees and stumps. As the name suggests, this fungus looks like red meat. It has a slight citrus flavor and has a similar texture to beef liver.

How to Forage and Identify Beefsteak Fungus

This mushroom grows as a shelf mushroom on living and dead hardwood trees, especially oak trees.The young mushroom start out as a pinkish red color, but they turn a darker red color as they get older.

How to Eat Beefsteak Fungus

Beefsteak fungus is one of the few wild mushrooms that you can eat raw. However, the mushroom tastes much better cooked. I have made several recipes over the years with Fistulina hepatica, including Steak and Eggs and a wild mushroom Pizza.

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