Wild Reishi Mushroom Foraging in Asheville, North Carolina. Idenfication and benefits of this medicinal mushroom.

Reish Mushroom.🍄 This species of Reishi(Ganoderma tsugae)is found on decaying hemlock trees. They grow from late May to July, and I have harvested them as late as October.
Medicinal Properties: In my experience, this is the most potent medicinal mushroom. It contains molecules called beta glucans and triterpenes. The beta glucans help the body regulate the immune system, stress, and mood. Triterpenes are antiinflammatory, protect DNA from radiation and air pollution.
Preparation: After harvest, cut the mushrooms up and put in the oven at the lowest setting or a dehydrater. After they are sufficiently dry, you can store them in a Mason jar. The triterpenes are not water soluble, so an alcoholic tincture is recommended along side hot water extracts(tea). Fill jar halfway with mushrooms and use at least 80 proof/40% alcohol. I used organic grape alcohol for mine. Leave in dark area for a month or two. Shake daily.
Spiritual Benefits: Reishi was known as the herb of spiritual potency in ancient China. It was used and revered by sages,priests and emperors alike. After a couple of days of Reishi usage, I begin to notice myself becomes remarkably serene. While not psycho active, the mushroom can induce "teacher dreams". I had one especially vivid dream where a moose gave me a 30 minute lecture on the ecology of the boreal forest. He showed me scenes of the forest and narrated it all with a deep resonant voice. Not unlike a David Attenborough documentary.

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